What's Next For BlackNerd Coffee?

Happy Sunday!

By now everyone has enjoyed their first couple cups of coffee. Sunday is a time to relax, reflect, and get pumped up for the week ahead. Keep reading to hear what’s happening at BlackNerd Coffee.

Orders have been rolling in! We can't stress just how thankful we are for our customers. We love y'all!. Mostly through our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), the word-of-mouth about these amazing coffee offerings has been a major driver of our success!

Here are some of the COMMENTS we've seen come in:

"The coffee is delicious! Even black and I def put creamer in my coffee."(referring to the Colombian )

"So....This coffee is good as s**t! Great smell too." (referring to the Ethiopia Sidamo)

"Just had my first sip of Colombian dark roast. It's awesome."

It's such an awesome feeling (pats self on the back) that you guys enjoy the coffee as much as we enjoyed finding the right roasts to offer.

And now for some news:

  • You can now purchase BlackNerd Coffee gift cards.
  • We've been doing some research (back in the lab) and we are now trying to find an awesome light roast offering. Stay Tuned!
  • We closed our first corporate account (Yaay!). They are huge and we are really excited for them to share our love of coffee with their brand. Once we are able to announce who it is, you should see a couple social media postings.
  • If you haven't already, check out our Instagram and Facebook posts about how we make BlackNerd Coffee using a French press. TLDR: For French press, larger grind size and less coffee to water ratio.

Okay, so ... if you haven't signed up for the EMAIL LIST, what are waiting for? You're missing out on some nerd perks.

And finally, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing all the tags, mentions, and responses on social media. Check out our "Nerd Love" IG stories.