Whole Bean or Ground Finish?

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Okay Nerds, we are going to take a shot at trying to settle this debate and answer which coffee finish should you buy for your perfect, personal cup of coffee. 

Team Whole Beans - The Argument For Whole Beans

  1. When you grind your coffee from beans, you control grind size which then gives you endless possibilities of which brew method you can use (Pour over, French press, drip, Moka pot, etc.). We won’t go into detail in this blog post, but the grind size chart ranges from coarse to extra fine. Our Ethiopia – Sidamo and Colombia – Single Origin coffees are available in whole bean finish so that you’re the perfect grind size away from YOUR perfect, personal cup of coffee. 
  2. Grinding your coffee beans makes the process of creating your perfect personal cup of coffee a ritual. While it might take some extra time (5 whole minutes from start to finish), it’s in that extra time that you’re really connecting with the coffee making experience and truly nerding out about it. All five senses are engaged when you’re making your coffee. You can see, smell, hear, feel, and taste your perfect cup come into creation. 
  3. Variety. There are more whole bean coffee options offered by coffee roasters and retailers than ground coffee options. Again, endless possibilities. 

Team Ground Coffee - The Argument For Ground Coffee

  1. You don’t have a coffee bean grinder and you’re just getting started in your farewell tour to “just okay” coffee.
  2. There are proven brewing methods that will let you use ground coffee. Consistency is key when it comes to coffee. You’ve got your old reliable brewing method that uses ground coffee. Every single time you know that you will create a consistent cup of coffee. Keurig is a popular coffee maker (it’s like the TI-83 scientific graphing calculator, everyone has had one at some point and probably still does #NerdGuilt ). The single serve re-usable k-cups can be used with our Ethiopia Sidamo – Medium Roast – Ground Finish.
  3. Time is money. Coffee making is an important part of our morning routine. You know what else is important in the morning? Not wasting time so you can actually get stuff done. Knowing how much ground coffee to use to make your tried-and-true coffee is as efficient as it gets.

Ok here’s an analogy that we can all relate to, iOS vs Android. Which one is better? The answer, it depends on your specific needs, wants, and personality.

Here at BlackNerd Coffee, we always say coffee is personal…YOUR perfect cup of coffee is perfect for YOU. In the end, we just want more #CoffeeNerds to join this #CoffeeLover community we are building.

In case you’re wondering what we use to make coffee at BlackNerd Coffee HQ:

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